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After unpacking, loosen the handlebar & quick release, adjust the horizontal handle to the right direction, lock the horizontal handle, and gently hold the brake lever several times, adjust the brake lines to the best condition.

On/off: Press the switch button on left handlebar to turn on the E-bike, the dashboard will light up; Press the switch button again to turn off the E-bike.

Charging: Connect the charger to the power plug and then to the E-bike. When the charger indicator turns green from red, it shows full power.

Battery status: After booting, the dashboard lights up and the electricity shows up, it has four grids, corresponding to high power, medium power, and low power, respectively.

Headlight: the headlight is in manual control mode, the control button under the meter, press it to turn on/off the light.

 * PLEASE NOTE Our e-bikes come with a standard European two-pin plug. Buyers in Ireland are required to use 3 pin-plugs plug adapters. We do not provide the plug converter.


How do you recharge the battery?
The batteries are charged with a charger. Simply plug it into the wall socket, just like a mobile phone or laptop computer.

How long does it take to charge the electric bike battery?
Between 3-5 hours from flat to fully charged.

How far can you go on one full battery charge?
250w, 36V 10Ah battery bike has a typical range between 40km to 60km; The range depends on many factors, including the weight of the rider and luggage, how much the rider pedals, hills, pedal assistance level used and maintenance of the bike like tire pressure and brake clearance. Therefore, it is only possible to give estimates of the range.

Can I remove the battery from the bike?
No, the battery is fitted inside the bike.

How fast does it go?
The electric bike motor will accelerate you up to 25 km/h.

What does my electric bike consume?

Problems of traffic jams and parking are a thing of the past; you can manage climbs or long distances with the wind in your face without difficulties, whether or not you are sporty type: electric bikes bring many advantages!


To calculate the cost of recharging your battery, you need to know:

  1. voltage (in volts): this determines the feeling of power when riding the bicycle.
  2. capacity (in amps-hour): this variable determines the battery life.
  3. Electricity cost in kWh: in Ireland €0.20/kWh at full rate and €0.15/kWh dual night rate.

To calculate the cost of recharging your electric bike battery, simply:

  1. multiply the voltage (V) and the charging capacity (Ah) of the battery. This gives you the energetic capacity (Wh.) of the battery.
  2. V x Ah = Wh. e.g.: 36 volts x 10Ah = 360Wh = 0.36kWh
  3. multiply the result obtained by the cost per kWh and you get the cost for completely recharging the battery. e.g.: 0.36 kWh x €0.20/kWh = €0.072 for a full charge


Do I need a license to ride an E-Bike?
No. DYU e-bikes are fitted with 250w motors or under no license or registration is required in Ireland for the moment. E-Bikes are under the same road rules for regular bicycles. Our selected electric bikes are all CE certified to comply with European standard and regulations.


All import duties and taxes are included.



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How long will it take for my electric bike to arrive?
Estimated within 5-7 business days from dispatch.

How much is shipping?
Shipping is free for orders delivered in Ireland.


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